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Solar Lead Return Policy

Return Policy – 72 hours

Return Policy:

  • Leads must be returned in the CRM ( within 72 hours after delivery / transfer. (There is a button there that says replace lead and asks for the reason to why).
  • The QC will review the recording after a lead is requested for replacement and will determine if the lead will be replaced and you will get credit; or the lead is rejected and counted towards the total lead order amount.
  • Most common reason for replacement is “Not within the Criteria”
  • If the reason for replacement is customer “not interested” then our QC will listen the recording from our agent and IF we believe it is a good lead then we will request a recording from your salespeople to confirm. Otherwise it will be accepted.
  • No answer: If a lead is not successfully transferred to you and the salesperson called the customer at minimum or 4 times and does not reach the customer you can request this for replacement. Clark will accept it.
    • However Clark will be calling this customer back and trying to successfully transfer the call to receive full credit.
  • If leads go outside 72 hours is unable to return the lead in the CRM then an excel sheet of those leads will need to be sent within 24 hours. ie: Fridays leads will not be replaceable by 12nn Monday so in some cases you will need to send via an excel.


Suggested follow up process:

Using a 3, 2, 1 process for outbound connections in sales is a very effective and non-abrasive way of receiving the best connection rate along with holding customers to their commitment of a verbalized agreement to be called back on a specific date and time.

3, 2, 1 is pretty simple. Three calls on the day of the call back appointment. 2 calls the day afterwards (assuming they didn’t answer day 1). 1 call on day 3 or in other words, 2 days after the schedule call back appointment.

Example: Appointment time being 10am

  • Day 1
    • [Call #1] Call at 10am IF no answer call again [Call #2] at 1pm (different time block) IF no answer call again [Call #3] after 5pm (again different time block of the day)
  • Day 2
    • [Call #4] Call between 9 and 11 am (they said 10 so it is mostly a time of day they are usually free, humans are creatures of habit) [Call #5] Call just after most people get off work (5pm or so)
  • Day 3
    • [LAST CALL] We call this the “Hail Mary” call. The chances are they will not answer because history showed us this but a “Hail Mary” does work every once and awhile so it is worth the 30 seconds.

We are not requiring you to use a 3, 2, 1 method in your sales process. It is just simply a suggestion.


Our Policy – IMPORTANT

  • We do not accept replacements for no answer / no connectivity without the following:
    • Attach / Type out / Screenshot of the Date, time and result of attempted contacts to that one customer
  • Those of you in with a Dialer this is an easy report to screenshot
  • Minimum attempts required = 3 attempts over the course of 2 days


You wish to return lead number 47585

Customer with a phone number (123)-456-7899

Reason for replacement – No Answer

Call attempt #1 – 1/1/16 – 2:11 pm – voicemail

Call attempt #2 – 1/1/16 – 5:45 pm – voicemail

Call attempt #3 – 1/2/16 – 1:56 pm – voicemail

The above will be accepted.

We have a long history of telemarketing in various campaigns and although every lead we create and send all follow a strict guideline for quality sometimes a bad lead will slip through and we will replace it.

Our goal is to be your go to provider for the highest quality solar leads weather its Aged Solar leads, Exclusive Telemarketing leads, Live transfer Solar leads or Face to Face Solar appointments.

Please feel free to call in if you needed further information about our solar program or the return policy.


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