Solar Leads Script

Solar script

Hi this is _______

I know you are really busy I don’t want to waste your time. The reason I am calling is to give you quick information about residential home solar programs that A LOT of home owners qualify for even though most people don’t know about it! Most unaware people have a several misconceptions about solar and how it works and the cost of it. We just want to ask a few quick questions to see if you able to qualify as it benefits everyone with little to no money out of pocket for some home owners! With just a few quick questions you can know if you can qualify for a no money out of pocket solar system for you’re your home. (Only if they say yes)

Qualifying questions:

1.       To be clear, you are the homeowner, correct?

a.      Are you one of the decision makers of your home?

2.       Is this a single family residence, a condo or a mobile home?

a.       It’s a single detached house

3.       Who is your electric provider?

4.       On average, is your monthly electric bill more than ___?

5.       Are you all electric or do you get natural gas as well?

6.       Do you get discounts from your UP for medical reasons and the likes, if so what are they?

7.     Due to the nature of this program you should be in good standing with your home and credit, since it’s no money out of pocket, does your credit exceeds 650?

8.       Do you have any bankruptcies, foreclosures, refinancing or 2nd mortgage?

9.       Do you have trees that shade your roof at any point of the day? (If yes, are you willing to trim or cut down to make way for solar to lessen your bill?)

a.       What if we make it less hassle for you by taking care of it for you.


Congratulations, it looks like you are qualified for this solar energy program, what I want to do is have a solar expert give you a call to properly explain the different programs we have, he’ll help you figure out which one saves you the most.

What is the best time to call you tomorrow?

Call completed.



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