Personal Assistant


Virtual Assistant – VA or Personal Assistant

Virtual Assistant (VA) is a service that consists of a variety of different services bundled into one package. Virtual assistants are just like your traditional secretary; they can take calls, screen calls, check emails, send out faxes, set appointments, confirm appointments, and a lot more. They can do everything a regular secretary can do except hand you the mail and bring you coffee! There are a host of advantages of having a virtual assistant over an in-office assistant.

Here are the disadvantages of doing it the old fashion way:

  1. Finding, screening, and hiring – All cost time and money.
  2. Training – Another time consuming process.
  3. Pay – Even as the economy flutters, $10 an hour doesn’t always get a quality employee.
  4. Benefits and taxes – Health insurance is really expensive and there is no way around social security taxes. There are a lot of hidden costs in hiring someone besides their salary.
  5. Lawsuits – You never really know until it’s too late. One fake accusation or on the job accident and you are in court paying a fortune to an attorney.
  6. Purchasing office equipment – Computers, desks, chairs, office space, and supplies can all be avoided with a VA.
  7. Turnover – The frustration of having to redo this entire process because your employee either quit or was dismissed from their duties is a loss of time and money.

We have a well-trained staff  of Personal Assistants, that take their careers seriously, putting an emphasis on being as helpful and productive for you and your business. An assistant is a very important part of an organization because they can take care of non-monetary generating activities and provide support to those who generate money for the organization. As noted above there are many disadvantages in doing it the old fashion way. Our Lead Hustler team provides an effective, more affordable way to getting this work done with fewer headaches!


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