Outbound Calling

out bound calling lead generation

Out bound calling lead generation

Leads are the life blood of all sales organizations, because without leads selling your products and/or services can be next to impossible. In today’s advancement in technology there are a myriad of ways to generate leads, but time and time again telemarketing has proven to be the best, most cost efficient way to generate leads. The reason telemarketing or outbound calling is so powerful is due to direct person to person interaction over the phone. This allows a knowledgeable agent to convey your message, handle objections, gather information, and get your company name in front of people which will result in increased quotes, proposals, and eventual sales to prospective buyers!


Telemarketing Leads vs. Internet Leads

No matter how you look at it, the internet has changed the world in which we live in. You can find information on just about anything and have answers at your finger tips in a fraction of time. You can even order pizza online and have it delivered to your home! Even with all of the new things available online, it still does not compare to having a live person to whom you can ask questions to and get answers.

Most internet lead companies use tricky tactics like “CLICK HERE TO WIN A FREE COMPUTER.” This is how internet lead companies gather information about people! Once they have that information they sell it to various companies as leads, when all the person wanted to do was win a free computer. Herein lies the problem with internet leads. There is no way to know how the information was collected! With telemarketed leads, we use call lists that are created based on the demographics of your target market. All of those calls can be recorded and listened to in order to ensure lead integrity. This is why internet leads are so cheap in comparison to telemarketing leads. Outbound Calling and make a huge difference in your bottom line.


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