Inbound Customer, 24hour answering, customer survey


Inbound customer service

This service is for companies that traditionally support inbound calls for technical support, customer service, or product sales and services. Inbound customer service can be used for any business that has a steady call flow and wants to have a dedicated customer service department, but has never had the time or budget to do so. Now you can have your own customer service team with Lead hustler!


24 hour answering services and receptionist services

If you own a small company or have an internet based business and want to give your customers the big business feel, these services are an excellent choice for you!

The truth is that people dislike calling phone trees where they have to press 1 for something, 2 for something else, and then usually hang up before they get a live person on the line! Big corporations can afford to use phone trees, but smaller companies depend on keeping the lines of communication open with their current and potentially new clientele. Having an answering machine or voice mail work as your secretary will reveal to customers just how small your company is. If you advertise in the yellow pages or use other ways to generate inbound leads and miss a call, you can almost guarantee you’ve lost that consumer because they will call the next business – your competition! This is definitely a Catch 22, because if you are performing a service or working with a customer at that moment you’ll have no other choice but to interrupt what you are doing to answer the phone or not answer the phone and miss the sale. The answer is simple, try our receptionist service or Inbound Customer service.


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