Appointment setting and appointment verification

Appointment setting is a high-level skill that can be an asset to any busy sales person or sales organization. Having leads is important, but being able to set a time to meet potential customers is the next step to closing the sale. Appointment setting is a non-revenue generating part of the sales process that has a direct correlation with how your sales are affected. Commission driven sales only get paid when deals are closed, so it’s beneficial to outsource any part of the non-revenue generating sales process to allow you or your sales team to spend more time in cash generating activities CLOSING DEALS.

Appointment verification follows the age old saying “time is money,” so you’ll never have to drive an hour to get “NO SHOWED” again. Appointment verification goes hand-in-hand with appointment setting as another non-revenue generating part of the sales process, but equally as important. We all have only one thing in common as sales people, and that is there’s only 24-hours in a day. It’s not necessarily true that whoever works the most hours makes the most money. Working smarter and not harder is how the real the sales professionals outsource time consuming non-revenue generating tasks and always stay focused on CLOSING DEALS.

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