Every business needs their sales department to get leads for their business. Leads serves to expand your customer base and increase the number of potential sales for your business. Through lead generation, we want to make people who initially are just curious about our products or services to eventually purchase our products or services and become our loyal customers.


There are many ways for a lead generation. Previously, a salesman would do it traditionally through word of mouth, printing brochures, banners, or using advertisement in print media such as newspapers or magazines. However, with the rise of technology, people now can use other methods to get leads for their business. This blog post will show you 5 ways that you can do to get leads from online sources.


#1 Social Media


When you think of online nowadays, you normally would think of social media too, right? Social media has been an integral part of our daily lives and that’s why we should utilize it to get more leads for your business.


Think of it this way. Everyone who uses social media can be your potential customers. If you used to hand out flyers on the streets, nowadays your “flyers” are your social media posts and “the streets” are your social media accounts. Try to be present in at least three social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, and Linkedin. Then, be active and create relevant content in your accounts.


For example, if you are trying to get qualified storm leads, you can create relevant posts about storm damage and you can then take the people who are interested in your posts to be your leads.


#2 Polish Your Website


Your website is your home on the internet. It’s where general public which includes your potential customers finds you and learn more about your business. Your website should consist every information there is to know about your business.


Start with your “about” page. This is where people usually go when they are interested in a particular website and want to learn more about it. Write a compelling description of your business and how your business can provide solutions for your potential customers.


Let’s say you are in the telemarketing business. Your “about” page should consist information about your telemarketing insurance leads, and other relevant information. This will be beneficial to your potential customers and they can learn more about your business.




#3 Host Some Webinars


Webinars are a good way to interact with your customers, and also widen your reach to potential customers. It is an effective way to tell your messages to thousands of potential customers. If you are new to webinars, there are many sources online that you can check out. These sources can help you to host your first webinar easily.


All you need to do to make your webinar stand out is to create a unique idea. Choose a topic that is relevant to your potential customers. There are two ways in which you can excel in a webinar. First, you can talk about relevant topics. This will show that you are reputable and have the expertise in your field. Second, you can talk about how your business can provide a solution to a particular issue that your potential customers are facing. This will show that your business is reliable. For example, if you are in health insurance business, you can host a webinar to talk about recent health industry trends. In return, you may get a lot of group health insurance leads from your webinar session.


#4 Newsletter


A newsletter is still considered as an effective way to get online lead generation. I’m sure each one of us has signed up for an online newsletter at least once in our lives. Without us realizing it, we have been targeted as leads by a business when we signed up for their online newsletter.


You can use a newsletter to communicate with your customers or even potential customers. Just make sure that you create relevant newsletters with topics that are relatable to your audience. Don’t create one that is full of sales messages and hard-sell information. This will only result in a high number of unsubscribing.


#5 Blog


Last but not least, a blog is an essential for every business. It is one of the ways to communicate with your customers. Through your company’s blog, you can grab the attention of your audience. In relation to point number 4, you can also put a link to sign up to your newsletter in your blog page. Again, just like the way it is with newsletter, don’t make your blog only about selling your product or service. Instead, make it interesting by providing information and insight to your audience.


So, which one of those ways have you done before? Do you think you have optimized every method to get leads through online sources? Let me know what you think in the comment section below!

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